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Why PeerSpeaks?

Natural Human-to-Human Interaction

Engage in authentic, one-on-one conversations that mimic real-world interactions, honing your speaking in the most natural way.

Tailored for Every Learner's Needs

Whether you're a busy professional, a diligent student, or a multitasking housewife, our platform caters to your unique learning needs and schedules.

Detailed, Atomic-Level Feedback

Dive into granular insights with AI-driven feedback that identifies common patterns, one-off errors, and pronunciation nuances to guide your progress.

Immediate Analysis and Results

Experience the satisfaction of instant feedback post-conversation, allowing for immediate reflection and learning to take place.

Get AI Feedback Instantly after every call.

Receive real-time AI feedback on your conversation with your peer to take your Spoken English proficiency to next level.

PeerSpeak for English Learners

Know exactly what you need to improve.

Get detailed analysis on your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PeerSpeak?

PeerSpeak is an online platform that enables you to practice your English speaking skills through one-on-one conversations with other users. It uses advanced AI technology to provide immediate, detailed feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

How does PeerSpeak provide feedback?

After each conversation, PeerSpeak's AI analyzes your speech and offers feedback at an atomic level. This includes pointing out common and one-time mistakes, providing pronunciation corrections, and giving personalized tips to help you improve.

Is there a limit to how many conversations I can have?

Get your first 30 minutes free! After that, continue improving your English with our plan of Rs.999 for a month and get unlimited talktime. Choose how often you practice based on your personal learning goals.

How does PeerSpeak ensure safety and quality in conversations?

Before anyone can join our platform, they must pass a thorough screening interview. This process helps us ensure that all participants are serious about improving their English and committed to maintaining a respectful and productive learning environment. By carefully selecting members, we foster a community where meaningful and safe conversations can thrive.